Meet The Staff

Art & Craft Department

Creativity is important for the overall development of the child. Here at DPS Bhopal, the child is taught skills in Art & Craft as a way to enhance their creativity. The school gives regular Art lessons until Class 5 and then provides them with SUPW to teach art forms that are useful for the community. The students develop a good aesthetic sense which adds a feather in their caps for their all round development. Children have won laurels at various art competitions, including at international levels, and have their works exhibited all through-out the world.

Dr. Suchita V. Raut
Ph.D, MA(Fine arts), B.Ed
Namrata Sharma
Ph.D, MA(Fine arts), B.Ed
Neelesh Upadhyay
MA(Fine arts)
(Gold Medalist)
Nupur Pandit
MA(Fine arts)
Dip (Graphic Designing)
Khyali Ram Jha
IGD, M.A Drawing & Painting (2nd Rank) Computer Graphics, Animation